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       Anpingxian chang Johnson screen products co., LTD. Is located in rich in wire mesh industry base——Hebei anpingxian city east industrial park,Near the park gathered into international logistics transport goods is very convenient,There are stone yellow high-speed near the traffic is very convenient、Big wide high-speed、Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high-speed。
       Anpingxian chang giant wire mesh products co., LTD. Is the stone cage net、Guest network、Lead wire gabion、Renault pads、Guest area、Gabion cages、, bing gabion products such as professional production enterprises,My company's products have passedISO9001Quality management system certification,And participated in multiple channel governance of embankment and water conservancy projects and other large-scale renovation。
      Anpingxian chang Johnson screen products co., LTD., in order to produce high quality wire mesh and wire mesh products as a business enterprise,To improve the quality of the product、Promote research and development ability as the direction of the enterprise。In this company“Specializing in the production,The good faith management,Timely delivery,The price is reasonable,Considerate service”For the purpose of providing products and services to our clients,Based on the principle of good faith management,Won the broad masses of old and new customers the high praise。

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Q:Reinforced gabion is reinforced soil engineering of new technology
A: Hot dip galvanized Stone cage net With functions of durable resistance to corrosion...:Can be more groups of construction together,Parallel、The flow process。
Q:Reinforced bean is a kind of strong commodity products
A: Stone cage net Its basic raw material for low carbon steel wire,...One of the,It can make the river riverside permanent protection
Q:The material of the stone cage net is introduced and the weight calculation formula
A: Galvanized gabion mesh material ...Is the price of the cages。

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