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About us

About us

Binzhou city labor service co., LTD., established in2008Years1Month10Day。Company is mainly engaged in labor consulting、Labor service cooperation、Service contracting and labor service。

The company has a professional labor law experts and lawTeacher team,To straighten out the business enterprise labor relations,The enterprise is not standard labor responsibility as own duty,Now Yu Zhonghai asphalt、Shore group、CLP huanyu、Shanshui cement、Jin Yu tires, etc10More than listed companies have good relations of cooperation。

Service scope

Service scope

Labor services

Mainly includes:Pay social insurance、Payroll、Contract management;Employee recruitment、Staff training;Labor dispute processing、Inductrial injury accident treatment;Group relations、Trade union organizations;Legal consulting services aspects。


The labor contract

Mainly includes:Contracting non-core business,Such as security guards、Procter & gamble、Loading and unloading、Send the goods、The worker canteen, etc。


Labor dispatching

Mainly includes:Labor dispatch according to the provisions of the labor contract law,Unit of choose and employ persons is the legal responsibility。


Service process

Service flow

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Door-to-door service

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