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Liaocheng haitao tools co., LTD

Liaocheng haitao tools co., LTD

The electricity Words:0635-6561683
Hand Machine:18663507859
Contacts:Manager liang
Pass The true:0635-6561683
OnlineQQ :603623636
The ground The address:Liaocheng city in shandong province yanggu county Guo Tun industrial park

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     Haitao tools co., LTD., established in liaocheng city2005Years,Headquarters is located in liaocheng city in shandong province yanggu county Guo Tun industrial park。The main products: Carbon dioxide crack、 Carbon dioxide gas blasting equipment、Engineering machinery supporting tools、Car form a complete set of tools、Double mechanical hand、Amphibious wrench、The ring spanner、Bit with a chisel、 Photovoltaic power station project of the construction of the series of products--Screw pile、Stents、The driver、New fence, etc and all kinds of forging pieces can be customized processing。
    The company
Perennial with position、Domestic well-known enterprises such as liugong exchanges and cooperation,Have finished 櫖 The good from the independent research and development to the sales team,Some products are exported to the United States、Japan and other countries……
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Liaocheng haitao tools co., LTD

Liaocheng haitao tools co., LTD. Main products are tire wrench;The sleeve;Before and after the bridge axis head wrench;Round nut wrench;Heavy wrench;Wheel wrench;Crow bar;LType wrench;Wheel rim wrench;Bridge sleeve"And other products。The company"Steadfast、Struggle、Responsibility of the spirit of enterprise,And by the good faith、Win-win situation、Create a business philosophy,Create a good business environment,With new management mode,Perfect technology,Considerate service,Excellent quality for survival……
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