Congratulations to gongyi and spring purification materials co., LTD. The construction site!The future,Enterprises will be more efforts to network propaganda,Through the website to enhance the communication with the customer and communication,To achieve product information feedback in time,The company will with excellent product quality、Perfect after-sales service return customers!

       Yu spring purification material co., LTD. Is a focus on water treatment of 30 years old,Is the collection of scientific research,Production,The business,Service the integration of professional water treatment materials manufacturers,Was built in1987Years,Formerly known as Chicago field water supply factory,2003Year company to draft a new blueprint,The company officially changed its name to‘Gongyi city spring purification materials co., LTD’, Registered brand‘Yu spring brand’A series of water purification materials products is also began to serve with a new gesture,At this point the company ushered in a new chapter。The company registered capital and springs1800Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area10000㎡,With advanced production equipment industry......

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