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    Gaomi city new wei auxiliaries co., LTD. Is located in the shandong province gaomi city Jiang Zhuang town resident,Beautiful scenery in the east coastal city of Qingdao,The west world famous kite city of weifang;Jiaoji railway、Jiqing highway across the density;From Qingdao airport only60Kilometers,The traffic is very convenient。

  The company leading product dust-free composite stabilizer、Stearic acid、Zinc stearate、Lead stearate、Cadmium stearate、Calcium stearate、Barium stearate、Two base lead stearate、The three basicity lead sulfate、Dibasic lead phosphite、The rare earth stabilizer, etc。Company strength is abundant,Enjoy high reputation in the domestic chemical raw materials market!Company uphold the integrity idea,Development and innovation,Annual output5000Tons,The main products:Chemical additives of polyethylene wax(PE-WAX),PVCThe composite stabilizer, etc。

  Enclosed is our company the main characteristic of high quality polyethylene wax:

  1、Liquidity plastic processing,Improve the plastic processing throughput。

  2、Both the strong external lubrication,Have excellent internal lubrication function。

  3、With high softening point,Low penetration,Thermal stability is good,High temperature and low volatile,Good dispersion, etc。 

  My company well-equipped,Advanced technology,Goods are superior in quality,Favored by the majority........More content

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