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Shenzhen sino electric co., LTD. Founded,Sino has maintained rapid growth,Through independent research and development system,Carry out continuous innovation movement,ForLEDPhotovoltaic industry has injected new vitality,Sino is committed to research and development of era significance of waterproof connector connector products。The main products are waterproof connector、Waterproof connectors、Waterproof plug、Joint of floor heating、Wash the wall lamp waterproof、City lights、Tunnel lighting、The ship、Outdoor lighting、Environmental protection machinery, etc。2017In sino won the high and new technology enterprise certificate。2018Years12Sino in fujian electric co., LTD. Was set up。 As a professional waterproof connector joint enterprise,Sino products and application solutions by a great number of engineering and the selected company。Cable waterproof brand is the ultimate goal of sino,Efforts to advocate“High performance waterproof connector”。So,Sino continuously promote advanced research and development and application of high performance waterproof plug connector,In the spirit of experts,Practice brand faith and commitment。 ...

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