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     Xinyang xinyang penetration of new thermal insulation material co., LTD is located in China,The transportation is convenient,The geographical position is superior,The company technical force is abundant,The equipment is advanced,Have a few at present domestic most advanced equipment of perlite expansion,The high degree of automation equipment,High output,The intensity of labor is low,High efficiency and energy saving no pollution,Products of good quality;Has been formed six cement perlite board production lines、Hydrophobic perlite products production equipment 2 sets of production capacity;The company development and production of hydrophobic perlite is recognized and widely used by our clients,Products are sold to Beijing、Tianjin、Hebei、Henan、Jiangsu、Shanghai and other provinces and regions Perlite insulation material has super light、Heat insulation、Heat preservation、Sound insulation、Fire protection、High water rate characteristics。Perlite insulation board is hydrophobic expanded perlite powder for aggregate,Join the waterproofing agent and binder made type configuration screen,Drying processes such as made of insulation and waterproof insulation board。Perlite insulation board light density、Small coefficient of thermal conductivity、Stability is good、High strength、The advantages of convenient construction......
    Xinyang penetration of new thermal insulation material co., LTD
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