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  Never loose broken rail first aid
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 Railway new products--End play
 New naqu station booster logistics center
 China's high-speed railway development strategy
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GJC-S1Digital display type railway track gauge
Displacement friction within the series expansion bolt
Railway splint self-locking type fastening device
Insulated gauge rod series
Automatic switch composite eccentric sleeve/Locating sleeve
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Xiangyang to machinery co., LTD is located in the city west xiangyang city,Was established2004Years11Month。The main production and sales of automobile starter any experence,The railway track gauge display,Track bar,Orbit first aid,Composite locating sleeve and other railway products。Is a must have independent research and development ability,Quite a production capacity of comprehensive enterprise。  Since its establishment,Auto parts production from quality to the number of varieties increase year by year,At the same time the company organization specialized agencies,Specialized in the research and development of product of railway,The trial production,Production。Successful production“GJC-S1Digital display type railway track gauge”,“The self-locking type railway rail cleat fastening device”,“Automatic switch composite locating sleeve”,“Automatic switch composite eccentric sleeve”,“Series expansion in lock bolt”,“Insulating rod”And other products。One of them“Rail splint self-locking type fastening device”,“Series expansion in lock bolt”Has won the national patent。2008Years the company has been taking Have toGB...
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