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Xinzheng Jin Wei extruded board co., LTD

Xinzheng Jin Wei extruded plate co., LTD is a company specializing in the productionXPSExtruded insulation board of green environmental protection energy-saving building materials enterprises,The company is located in xinzheng south5Km pear river industrial zone,107National pear river on the east side,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。The company a total investment of nearly300Ten thousand yuan has dozens of senior engineer、Professional and technical personnel,Become a high-tech development of the company、The enterprise management、Production sales、The backbone of the installation。The company has introduced home advanced level of extruded polystyrene(XPS)Insulation board production line,Its annual production capacity of annual output10Thousands of cubic meters,Unique and can produce high strength、Super thick type, etc. And all kinds of different products to meet user requirements。Products are widely used in the wall、Roof,The floor、Cold storage、Composite sandwich、Highway、The runway、Frost heave control、Heat insulation。The central air-conditioning duct insulation materials in the field of manufacture and so on。Product surface widely used、High cost performance、Construction is convenient,Have strong ability of market competition。。。。。。

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  • Q HenanEPEPearl cotton profiles where is good

    AnswerHenanEPEPearl cotton profiles is one of the protection of the currently widely used packaging materials,In various fields,Have a wide range of applications。Then,Compared with common packing,Pearl cotton profiles where is good?The following,Small make up for said!

  • Q EPEPearl cotton packing design reflected in which aspects

    AnswerHenanEPEPearl cotton in the field of packaging materials,(see article)。As a new environmental protection packaging materials,Its in various fields,Have a wide range of applications。In the used for packing,In order to improve the protective performance and increase the propaganda value,The manufacturer will pass design,To make it more conform to the packaging requirements。

  • Q Extensive use of pearl cotton sheets

    AnswerHenan pearl cotton sheet as a new type、Environmental protection、Shock、Anti-collision packaging materials,With waterproof、Sound insulation、Shock、The characteristics of the heat preservation;Because of its good plasticity,Strong toughness,Can also be recycled,Environmental protection is stronger。So,Very widely used。

  • Q Pearl cotton coil moistureproof performance

    AnswerHenan pearl cotton coil moistureproof performance?Pearl cotton as a new environmental protection packaging materials,Because of the buffer ability,Moisture proof、Fire protection、Shock such as excellent performance,In all walks of life,Have a wide range of applications。The following,Small make up just say how the moistureproof performance!