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      Weihai yi long fishing tackle co., LTD is a Hong Kong sole-source investment enterprise,The existing staff400Many people,In the production of various kinds of fishing rod80More than ,In the world100Multiple and regions。  

      The company introduces Japanese fishing gear production of professional equipment,Use Japan toray company high tonnage of carbon fiber cloth,Six sigma is generally used to companies in the world

Quality system。

     The company hired a professional developer20Many people,By the Taiwan technician to guide the production,With carbon fiber woven wet molding,The cellular structure and carbon nanotubes in three core

Technology,For the majority of DiaoYou with high technical content of seiko spy price high fishing tackle and equipment,To build industry super brand for the purpose,To enhance the weihai fishing gear on

The influence of the world as its own duty and make unremitting efforts!

Weihai yi long fishing tackle co., LTD,Specialize in Taiwan fishing Lk Streams For reed Components of the reed Short shot And so on,Please consult our interested customers

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