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Dongguan step Lao heng hui paper products factory
Specializing in the productionAll kinds of various types
The cartons、Color box、Box of beer、Knife CARDS, etc
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Dongguan step Lao heng hui paper products factory
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Dongguan step Lao heng hui paper products factory
Dongguan step Lao heng hui paper products factory
The company was founded in2018Years,Located in the famous manufacturing city of dongguan city,Is located in dongguan city step and Lao mountain village。
With large production workshop and excellent production equipment。The existing single pole points paper machine、Double color printing machine、Nailing machine,Beer machine、Slot machine、Angle cutter and so on several machines。The company mainly produces all kinds of materials of various types of cartons、Color box、Box of beer、 Knife card packaging materials, etc,A company is a constant pursuit of progress。Continuous learning and improvement。Dongguan cardboard-box factory,Step Lao cardboard-box factory,Dongguan carton processing factory always adhere to the quality,Always keep in mind the service customers,Constantly improve factory management,Create professional product quality,Create efficient service,By the good faith、Pragmatic、Refinement、The spirit of innovation,To provide customers with comprehensive、Successful cooperation,To win customers trust and support。
We sincerely welcome friends to patronize us,Common development,For a better future...[To check the details]

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Packaging carton physical performance indicators...
Different corrugated carton is the corrugated carton packing form changes in many varieties;Directly on the goods in the supermarket...

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Dongguan cardboard-box factory development and technology innovation...
Carton technology to the development of more and more,Dongguan cardboard-box factory in order to meet the requirements of all customers,To introduce a few new product:Zipper carton is corrugated board...

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Color box,Give a person with intense visual sense...
Make the overall appearance of the buyers and users for goods and color details such as understanding。Particularly suited to buy before the goods can't split open a case


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