Address:Ningbo fenghua east development zone, peak road69Number
The phone:0574-88919831
Contacts:ZhuJianMing Mr ( The general manager )
    Li Dajun Mr (The chief engineer)
Zip code:315500
  Ningbo fenghua tianyuan hydraulic manufacturing co., LTD is managed by fenghua hydraulic industry technical backbone、Inspection personnel restructuring,Specializing in the production of hydraulic accumulator、Cooler、Hydraulic valves, etc。The complete production equipment,Advanced detection means,Optimizing the management concept,Strictly followISO9001The quality assurance system and the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issuedA1The level of pressure vessel(The accumulator)Licensing requirements for manufacturing,(The license number:TS2210399-2018)For metallurgy、The oil、Chemical industry、Mine、Engineering machinery、Light industrial machinery、Ships and other industries supporting provides the high quality of hydraulic products,And the widespread high praise....

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 Hydraulic pressureNXQSeries capsule accumulator
 QFZType accumulator control valve group
 KHBHigh pressure ball valve
 JZFSHigh pressure hydraulic valve series
 CDZNitrogen charging car series
 GLC1-4Series of cooler
 QXFCharging valve
 JZFOrYJFHigh pressure cut-off valve
 CQJSeries pneumatic tools
 2LQFWSeries of cooler
 AJFSafety valve series
 XJFType globe valve
 AQFType safety valves
 SLSeries of swirling cooler
 CJZQSeries of spherical globe valve
 Q11、Q21、Q31Ball valve series
 AJ Type accumulator control valve group
 ORSeries of cooler
 YJZQHigh pressure hydraulic ball valves
 QJHHigh pressure cut-off valve ball core
NXQThe accumulator
ORSeries of cooler
CQJSeries pneumatic tools