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About us

  Jiujiang embellish cheng new material co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of hunan five jiang group,As early as five jiang group2003In investment2Million of diversity in the nanchang county set up five jiang nanchang new industry,In2010In investment35One hundred million yuan in the camphor tree founded in jiangxi jiangxi hongyu energy,That year is listed as a key project of jiangxi province and the circular economy pilot projects,A total of30Many subsidiaries,Total assets of the enterprise300More than one hundred million yuan,3Many employees,Ranked second hundred private enterprises in hunan province。Company central jiangxi provincial government public response to the call of entrepreneurship among the innovation and construction of the Yangtze river economic belt,Independent research and development to have invented the world's first vertical flame kiln eight line glass cotton furnace,In2014Years1Monthly investment founded the jiujiang embellish cheng new material co., LTD,For the key projects of investment promotion and capital introduction penzer county。The company is located in jiangxi border beautiful lake side、The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river on the border of jiangxi penzer penghu bay industrial park。Company covers an area of a project274m,The company registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan,The project total investment3.2One hundred million yuan。Main business scope is centrifugal glass wool and its products and the production of special glass、Manufacture and sale。Main product categories...

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The enterprise culture

Jiujiang embellish cheng mission:For the national create profit、Benefit for employees、For the enterprise development、Contribution for the society
Jiujiang embellish cheng vision:Volunteer for first-class industry,Create a world brand、    


A basic principle:Zhong、Is、And、The letter、Capacity、Grace

Address:Jiujiang set penzer county hills penghu bay industrial park along the road16Number

The phone:0792-5866998


Address:Jiujiang set penzer county hills penghu bay industrial park along the road16Number  The phone:0792-5866998 Fax:0792-5866998

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