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About usOur company is specializing in the production of clothing shoes and hats woven label﹑Printed label、Tags、Grain﹑Ribbon﹑The sign﹑Pyrograph clothing、Embroidered chapter、Screen printing trademark garment accessories such as gift box manufacturers。Adapt to the market,Constantly blaze new trails,The company size bigger and bigger,In the clothing industry recognition is extremely high,Word of mouth is wonderful。So far,The company has introduced in Germany、All kinds of woven label machine in Switzerland180余Taiwan;Equipped with imported Hyde treasure and domestic printing machine in total20余Taiwan,Wheel transfer marking machine and bench marking machine10余Taiwan,Two screen printing production lines,Screen printing machine5Taiwan。Comprehensive production capacity of the peer forefront in the nation,Trademark printing knitting industry one of the largest enterprises in zhejiang province。Social progress,Clothing shoes and hats market at all levels to my class manufacturer continuously put forward new and higher and more reasonable conform to the requirements of a long-term trend:Clothing brand is more and more to the direction of individualization and diversification。At the same time,All walks of life more and more competitive,For companies to save costs,To the high value-added products constantly seeking better new way。Based on the diverse and competition of the market,Only change the management ideas,Continuously improve technology innovation,To the needs of customers become a perfect reality,To provide customers with woven label trademark、Garment tags、Garment care label、Hand bag、Manual screen printing、Sample brochures and first-class service from beginning to end。“Large scale、All varieties、High quality、The service is good、The price is low”,Should this requirement,Our company adjust the business structure,Perfect management system,In2005Years12The month was registered again“Hangzhou fu han clothing textiles co., LTD”,Not only to expand,Expand the scope of business,Also greatly strengthened the pre-market after-sales service team,Will be high-quality service concept thoroughly implemented。 —— Opportunity is given to each other,Cherish each other,And for this opportunity to pleasure each other,Do not! —— Sincerely await your quietly stretch to an ill-deserved unceasingly“The olive branch”!Products in hangzhou、Shanghai、Yiwu、Jiangsu、Ningbo、Tianjin、Anhui province、Jiangxi by the customer consistent high praise。Welcome to inquire。...
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