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Hangzhou flowers, culture creativity co., LTD., operating, design institute,Is a professional flower arranging training school of hangzhou and flower art training school,Hold all kinds of hangzhou flower art class,Including the flower arranging flower art training、Flower art teacher training, etc。At the same time is also an art design class school,For many years focused on hand-painted、Flower art、Space design、Soft outfit aesthetic field, etc。Founder and teachers have abundant teaching experience design disciplines,Curriculum for different stage of the hierarchy of needs,To achieve the target of different stages。Teaching key points based on the traditional flower art teaching,Expand the aesthetic concept,Professor hand-painted、Design performance and other practical skills,To help students improve the taste,Practical operating ability and large floral ZhanChen design capabilities。
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Small flower arranging skills,Ten minutes in a house full of flowersSmall flower arranging skills,Ten minutes in a house full of flowers

1. Plant stem cut off 1~2 Centimeters,45 Degree Angle。 Can increase the stem water area,Keeping the flowers in the hydrated state。 2. As a vase with cups Flower stems after pruning can be put in the teacup, With rubber...