Location advantages
From Shanghai pudong airport、Shanghai free trade zone1Hour economy circle;The big four in Shanghai high-speed traffic levels at its most fluent;On the river, and to the west of the Yangtze river economic belt...
The port advantage
“All the way around”One of the important strategic nodes;5Square kilometers...
Policy advantage
Assist to handle related national industry preferential policies and support...
China supply and marketing of agricultural products wholesale market holdings co., LTD., under the all China federation of supply and marketing cooperative care support by the state council leadership instructions in2009Years9The month was registered,Is the all China federation of supply and marketing cooperative for effective service“Agriculture, rural areas and farmers”、Invigorating the circulation of agricultural products、To adapt to the socialist new rural construction and set up wholly owned enterprises,Is a national leading enterprises in the field of circulation of agricultural products。 Deadline2014Years11Our total contracted projects of agricultural wholesale market construction55A,A total construction area of about1500Million square meters,All over the country17Province,12A prefecture level,20Counties(The city),The scale of agricultural products circulation network first;Which has operation and under construction market27A;Otherwise30More than one...
Qidong in agricultural market construction development co., LTD
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