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31 March

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Peony city

Located in tongling core city in the east。。。

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Peony city
Tri-cities in March
Tri-cities in March
March tri-cities is located in the eastern city fast track and phoenix road along the river、Of the road、The card upon urban trunk road interchange,Between the three big wheel,Every day the number of cars7Thousands of cars,Surrounding a transit center、Administrative center、The school、Wet markets、Large residential area circled around,Form a complete set of perfect,Unlimited appreciation potential。Tri-cities is based on festival temple fair culture in March,Construction of tongling city landmark commercial circle in the east。Total building area15Wan㎡,By31Single-family house business form a strip mall,1.5Km shops along the street。 The building adopts the neoclassical style,The overall design color is dark primarily,Is composed、And honor、Business image of the atmosphere。Independent shops40-1000㎡,Shop store opening on the street,The flow line design scientific and reasonable、20-30Parking Spaces, design of meters wide、Make shopping easier,Let the operation more freedom。
Yongquan peony equipmeent city
Yongquan. Equipmeen·Peony city invested by yongquan real estate home buyers equipmeent co., LTD., set of housing、Business、Office as one of the large-scale integrated community。Project is located in the historical copper between road and fast track along the river,Shun feng road in the east,Of the road in the west,The transportation is convenient、Location is superior。The project covers an area of280m,Planning: the gross area is approximately36Wan㎡,The residential part20Wan㎡,Commercial part10Wan㎡。Including20000㎡The central park and landscape3100㎡Community club,Community will take serviced by yongquan property joint equipmeent greentown property closed management,Equipped with color visual intercom system、Security alarm、Electronic patrolling、Electronic monitoring、Property information management、Radio, etc,“One cartoon”Intelligent control,Fully display the plot of the intelligent and noble quality。A car shunt,Area is shopping center、The bank、The school、The hospital、The hotel、High-grade leisure clubs,Complete supporting functions。The whole project construction scale、The quality of building、In the eastern city of superb community environment,Is a large garden east city's leading integrated community。
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    Yongquan JiuZhou equipmeent in Marketing Department
  • [Tri-cities in March] The project is introduced
    [Tri-cities in March] The project is introduced
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    Yongquan JiuZhou equipmeent in poetry
  • Peony city ten times opening party
    Peony city ten times opening party
Yongquan service equipmeent
Yongquan property company founded by yongquan real estate property company equipmeent equipmeent,Property management in anhui province tertiary qualifications,Employees10People。Functions:Residential property management、Equipment maintenance、Procter & gamble、Greening and vehicle parking management。Office is responsible for the reception and complaints;The security is in charge of community public security management;Cleaning department is responsible for the community clean sanitation;Maintenance department is responsible for the community facilities maintenance、Maintenance and repair。
The company used yongquan farm hotel management pattern peony equipmeent saemaul undong,The closed-end management,Equipped with monitoring system,24Hours on duty patrol。
This is the town of sunan retired zhu salty to the old man gave my company few poems he wrote his spare time。The old man said that he lived in this village zhu feel comfortable,Fun way,Just like composing poetry。He said,As residential construction better and better,He would write more poems sing praises to our work。
(A )
Village management high starting point,
Often to research new recruit。
Hard work does the practical work,
Standard services index of the whole。
The unit in front of the trash can,
Street lamp according to main crossroads。
Decoration waste away,
Site often clean the garden。
Warm notice fire secretly,
Strengthen the insourcing is responsible for。
Patrol duty“Safety lock”,
The barriers are not compromise。
Yi-cheng zhang to retired workers,
Compulsory environmental protection model。
Pick up the white garbage a day,
Spirit touched by the owners。
( Four)
Opening peony village,
Residential and commercial LouZhai leisure pavilion。
Located at the center of YiAn,
F by zijin city。
Baoshan building in the first three,
Standard quality close to the star。
Four busy preparations for the construction,
And other ten floors。
Yongquan property equipmeent development-oriented,
More than two hundred mu of city midtown。
Luxury business living love,
Pre-sale registration of several hundred,
Scientific merit for advanced,
Change way with artist。
Clear focus on the direction,
A more civilized development field。
The pictures show
The city of peony in green area35%The above,Using yongquan farm equipmeent peculiar landscape pattern,Make a real garden community。The front and back of each building,Carefully designed by a combination of all kinds of plants and trees green belts and garden sketch,With landscape stone、Landscape tree、Chinese style porch pavilion, etc,Let the owners never leave home can enjoy the landscape environment like in the park。
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