•         Shaoyang after-sales customer service center is located in guangxi nanning international trade binyang tangshan old427Number,The company is committed to the electronic lock(Electromagnetic locks)In the field of long-term development and provides high safety、Stable quality and innovative products,Including electronic lock 'mailboxes,Electronic locker lock,Electronic locker lock,Intelligent locker lock,Intelligent locker lock、The micro electromagnetic locks、Bin electronic lock、Intensive box(Ark)And controller for office furniture manufacturing industry、Building decoration engineering contractor、Stainless steel engineering producers and industrial and mining enterprises、The bank、Confidential units in areas such as providing security、Convenient、Fast automation management solutions,Excellent team,Advanced technology,Sophisticated equipment,Strict management is the company to continue to grow stronger,Products...
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    Shaoyang city international trade after-sales customer service center
    The ground The address:Guangxi nanning binyang tangshan old427Number
    The electricity Words:047-49084251
    Mail Box:300665071@427.com