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Jiaxiang constant current system of cement pole factory         Jiaxiang constant current cement pole factory:Is located in historical and cultural city of jiaxiang shandong jining city,Jiaxiang constant current cement pole factory owns the advanced production equipment in China,First-class production technology,With concrete prefabricated professional two class、Steel structure engineering and pipeline engineering three level qualification。The main products are cement pole(7mTo21m)、Cement pipe、The three cement、Prestressed concrete pole、Such as diameter of cement pole processing five series, etc,And have18M、21M special types of cement pole production process,Can customize according to customer's requirements21M cement pole、18M cement pole, etc。Own the land resources70m。We provide technical personnel output,Installation training。At the same time, our business involves the second-hand poles cement products such as recycling。We has formed a product development、Semi-finished products processing、Industrial manufacturing、Test、Engineering construction、Internship training、Lifting transportation is a main and auxiliary,Professional complementary industrial structure。 Our main products include electric power and electric credit circular prestressed concrete pole、Circular reinforced concrete pole,With a shaft tube well water conservancy department and all kinds of water pipe,The highway  

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Jiaxiang constant current system of cement pole factory:Welcome to our factory to discuss cooperation Our factory mainly produces:Cement pole,Concrete pole,7M cement pole,8M cement pole,9M cement pole,10M cement pole,12M cement pole,15M cement pole,18M cement pole,21M models more cement pole, etc、Good quality。Jinghang canal system of constant current cement pole factory focus on the improvement and production of cement poles。Especially for electric power、Coal mine、Industries such as the rural electric reform,Is committed to providing customers with high quality and reliable prestressed concrete pole。Cement pole low price,Good quality。Are professional manufacturer of cement pole

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