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Shangluo crane culture media co., LTD., established in2005Years5Month,The registered capital500Ten thousand yuan,Branch branch consists of advertising and advertising media,The company's main business scope:Households inside and outside all sorts of advertising;The bus body、Waiting area、Outdoor billboard leasing、Release;Indoor and outdoor advertisements, exhibition、Stainless steel、Steel structure production through-train service。Company's existing fixed staff19People,Professional design personnel4People,Professional and technical personnel15People,The existing high precision spraying machine imported from Japan,Pictorial machine each one,Other professional equipment5Taiwan。The company was established nearly9Over the years,Adhere to the scientific management,Continuously optimize team,With quality and efficient innovation service concept based on the market in shangluo,Since the company2006Since the development of outdoor media,Now get sufficient development,The existing five types of outdoor advertising resources,Including bus body advertisement、Outdoor billboard、The bus waiting area、Single column billboard、Video advertising agency, etc,Set up a place altogether68Place,Outdoor advertising area3000Square meters,Annual turnover of more than three hundred,Pay profit tax20More than,The company will be based on this platform,Summarize unceasingly、And progress,For the customer and the company achieve a win-win situation,Do a good example for the students entrepreneurial,To give back to society,Strive to build the first brand of outdoor media shangluo,Serve the society,Based on the market,Create a brand。 【In more detail】

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