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Jining rencheng scene seedling planting baseOne of the ten seedling production base is located in the shandong jining rencheng Li Ying town GengNa village。Here is the hometown of Chinese platane seedling,Here beautiful scenery,Pleasant climate,The geographical superiority,The transportation is convenient,In the east is known as”Thorough fares of nine provinces,Qilu throat“Yanzhou and cultural significance of the hometown of Confucius——Qufu,In the north, east highway,Is one of the important transportation hub continues the north and south, east and west。 
    Companies rely on platane seedling township of powerful advantages,Take the market as the guidance,Set up“Strives for realism the innovation、Honest and trustworthy、Mutually beneficial win-win、Common development” The management policy,Take the company plus farmers production and business operation mode,Real-time adjustment of seedling varieties,After40In the surrounding farmers development,In the order6Wan mu big tree production of breeding base。  
Low-cost direct sales platane today,Fast-growing platane,Fast-growing platane rootstocks,Modelling platane,Modelling of ash,Little ball platane shape-Crown platane,1-20CMJining old platane,2-20CMThe new fast-growing platane,Shandong platane fast-growing platane rootstocks,The meadow,Ash,Pagoda tree,Weeping willows,The tree of the luanhe river,South Luan,Crape myrtle,Poplar, such as dozens of varieties。
 Choose to jining rencheng remit scene seedling planting base:
 1、The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient,With the car is convenient,Provide delivery。
 2、Seedling quality assurance,Price transparency。
 3、Plentiful,The scene tree,The scene to see miao miao,On with the digging,Loading quickly。
 4、High quality and low price,To ensure the survival rate。
【Contacts:Manager zhang Calling information:15562373112、15854733313 】


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Jining rencheng scene seedling planting baseFor years to care for and support of our friends and colleagues from all walks of life express our heartfelt thanks and best wishes。Whether you as a customer,Or collaborator,Or investors,Hope I can from this window to see everything we offer。We after years of unremitting efforts,Continuously achieved great development。The outlook of the new century,Flower nursery is willing to work with friends from all walks of life hand in hand,Create a new brilliance!We will, as always, with high quality products to satisfy customers,With good service win the trust of users。I am very happy to make friends from all walks of life through this website,This web site to be our bridge of friendship.!!Here is one of the biggest seedling supply。We uphold“Quality、Credibility、Service”Three supreme purpose of the enterprise,To provide you with first-class nursery stock。Sincerely hope that more new and old customers to cooperate with us。Quality, credit first;Sincere service for you。We will give you the best service,The best quality products。


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Jining rencheng scene seedling planting base

Contacts:Manager zhang
Hand  Machine: 15562373112 
The ground  The address:Jining city in shandong rencheng Li Ying GengNa village street office

★To win customer satisfaction with our service★
★Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit★

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